There are always things in our life that we don’t want to use anymore, right? Maybe an old jacket, old tv or an old bag. I remember reading something in LUSH’s zine: JOIN THE REGENERATION, when we are throwing something “away”, they are not going anywhere but the landfill unless they are recycled or burnt. They also introduced the idea of “repair cafe”, well, maybe there isn’t one near you or you don’t have time to go, but you can always do it yourself at home, there are tons of video on YouTube teaching you how to reuse stuff. For example, this Gucci bag I purchased from a second hand website. It was pretty much damaged, I thought someone would probably use it for a while and abandon it. However, I wanted it to revive, and this is how I did it, and I will do it again and again. So, I hope before you want to simply throw something “away”, think again if it can be given to a life again, be creative, or put it on a send hand website and let the others people do it.